Full official description of Sensormatic SuperTag 3T 3alarm 3-TONE alarming:




It is a modified regular SuperTag sensor, which has built-in electronics, a battery, and a ferrite AM sensor.
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Operating principles of the sensor:

1. Protection against cutting the needle wire is implemented by closing/opening an electrical circuit. As soon as the contact of this circuit is lost without the inner plate touching the contact pad, an alarm is triggered.

The alarm does not occur when a typical hook for opening anti-theft SuperTag sensors presses on a plate inside, which releases the needle and simultaneously contacts a metal pad on the circuit board that controls the state of this contact.

   There is also another version of this sensor without a needle wire. In this case, the circuit closing mechanism is implemented by a protruding button located in place of the round pad for the needle with a round head and serves as protection against opening the sensor WITHOUT A HOOK by pulling out the needle.

2. Protection against removal from the store using foil or a jammer is implemented as follows:

- The ferrite AM induction coil is typical and is connected by two ends to a circuit board that reads whether the energy received from the external environment is present in this coil or not. However, not every 58 kHz signal will provoke an alarm response from this sensor, but only periodic signals that coincide with typical AM gate periods.

- It should be clarified once again that foil does not shield the signal entering your foil bag (it is too powerful), but only the sensor's RESPONSE to this signal, which means that the sensor will still hear the gates. Likewise, a jammer does not turn off the gates but only tricks them when they try to choose the correct response to the sensor's return signal.


What to do with it?

With a regular hook, this sensor is no longer a problem for simple reasons:

1. If you want to remove it silently... insert the hook, take out the needle, free the item, put the needle back, take out the hook. In this case, nothing will happen.

2. If you want to take the sensor with you... insert the hook, tightly clench the sensor in your fist where the speaker is located, take out the needle, take out the hook. At the moment when you take out the hook without the needle inserted, a soft, very short BEEP sound will occur. After that, the system for responding to the gate signal will turn off, and this sensor turns into a regular AM SuperTag.

3. If you don't want to remove or open the sensor but want to take it out of the store with the item... you don't even need foil or a jammer. We showed everyone long ago that in this sensor, the ferrite coil is located very close to the far edge from the hook hole.

You can take almost any powerful magnetic detacher, magnetize the sensor to your detacher at this spot and calmly walk through the AM gates.

How does it work? At the moment of magnetizing the FERRITE CORE with a permanent magnet (detacher), the induction coil (sensor) ceases to be effective and loses the ability for residual magnetic oscillations... to put it simply, it is unable to respond to the gates in the CORRECT way.


4. Well, the dumbest method is to simply take wire cutters and cut not the wire, but the entire sensor, destroying the circuit board, battery, and the AM coil itself. But this is dirty, not nice, not professional, and a direct path to being accused of damaging store property, even if you didn't steal anything or didn't manage to steal.