LM-tag anti theft EAS security













If you have studied all the links above, then you probably already understood the basic principles and capabilities of this technology, which is key important for us:

1. The LMtag becomes armed with a LED activator/deactivator using a special code transmitted by flashes of different durations and most likely each deactivator has its own unique light code so that a deactivator from another store cannot open LMtag in other stores.

2. when installing on the product, there is a button on the side of the double-sided tape (in which place you will not see the video), it is pressed at the time of installation on the product, and if the button is released after that, an alarm occurs.

3. on the front side of the LMtag there is a window for receiving the light signal of the activator/deactivator, it is also one of the protection methods, when the external light is blocked, the reed switch installed inside (vibration, motion, tilt, position sensor) is activated.

When the "absence of light and movement" events are combined, a periodic rather loud "PIK-PIK-PIK" occurs.

This protection scenario works almost as soon as you put the item with this LMtag in your bag, pocket, and so on.

4. This LM has built-in AM or RF eas tag, which will trigger the alarm of the anti-theft gate if they are at the entrance to the store.


What do we see in the end?
- the product cannot be simply thrown into the bag and left the store, as the light disappears and movement appears.
- you cannot just tear the sensor off the product or cut the cable if it is used (I have not been sent such real photos).


It seems that the system is protected.. but, you just need to think:


1. If there is no anti-theft gate in the store, everything is simple, take a flashlight and place it in your bag so that it illuminates the receiving round window, in order to increase the angle of light reception, you can buy transparent silicone hemispherical furniture stickers for cabinet doors, stick them on the window reception of a light signal.

*i also have an assumption that a powerful magnetic detacher can neutralize the problem of a reed switch, which, in the event of the influence of a powerful magnetic field, will not react to movement in space, but since I do not have accurate data on this at the moment, this is just an assumption.


2. If there is an anti-theft gate at the entrance to the store, take a utility knife and carefully detach the sensor from the surface (protecting your fingers), but make sure that the button on the other side remains pressed. Or push something solid into the place where the button is located and, separating the sensor from the product, leave this something solid so that the button cannot come out on its own. Just leave it in the store, and ideally you could just leave some of the packaging with this sensor in the store.


3. if you do not want to leave the LMtag in the store and not remove it from the product ... then in combination with a flashlight(*or neutralize the problem of a reed switch) you just have to overcome the anti-theft gate at the exit from the store, which is not a problem, you just need to study our website, the information on it and get acquainted with a variety of equipment that exploits many vulnerabilities of anti-theft systems, google "bombastershop" and you will always find us.