the history of the failure of LOXXYS FOXTAG or just fake


     Imagine that you decided to enter the anti-theft technology market and came up with a sensor that cannot be opened by anything other than your specialized puller that needs to be built into the table, bought a team of marketers who shot beautiful videos, made beautiful websites ...



Everything was going great and selling very well, until the first sensor was burned down by a shoplifter and a secret was revealed, which turned out to be not an INVENTION, but bullshit...
Agree, the sensor is all beautiful, the biohazard style is cool, three colors of ink, a bunch of incomprehensible holes... typical marketing FUCK. That's what I thought when the Australians first showed it to me a few years ago.

Well, I think it’s some kind of fucked up, probably there are nanofixers and supertechnologies right there .. 
After waiting for a package from Australia for a couple of months (they first appeared there), carefully disassembling the sensor, well, I just blew it and once again I was convinced of some kind of anti-theft crap marketers in 99% of the time, they always spook their websites, etc.

it was a couple of years ago, I filmed a couple of three videos for clients from Australia on how to shoot this shit easily and simply, threw it off to them, and they filmed their microvideos and scattered them on social networks.


Oh, how the farts of that company bombed, they quickly connected a bunch of their employees to excuse their miracle and saying that it’s all fake, come on, it’s disgusting ... So they held out for another year, after which they fucking demolished all their sites with the LOXXYS brand .. . 



well, in general, now try to google LOXXYS

No, they didn't give up, they went further, slightly changed the appearance of the sensor and what... CALLED IT BY ANOTHER !!! What arrogant motherfuckers.. OK)))))) :



And it would be nice to score on them, but they are so arrogant that even in their advertising they use the same 6-beam pullers for LOXXYS, lazy greedy bullshit:

In FOXTAG, if you pay attention to 4 slots with a cross, and in LOXXYS there was a 6 star... We look carefully at the FOXTAG puller and see 6!... 


That's how respected citizens shoplifters. If you still believe in the elitism of some anti-theft companies there, that they are all there almost like a department of the CIA technical laboratory .. calm down, most of them are nonsense, which only runs after money that can be quickly ripped off from retail, and in case to merge and rename.


And what about the sensor?))) there is a pin with a spring in one corner of the sensor, which is easily magnetized even with a small magnet, and in one of the holes, which is closer to the ledge with the mark, there is just a plastic retainer that easily turns almost any squiggle like in my video.