Ultra Gator anti theft EAS security tag


full official description of this type of tags and detacher::






Here you can see a variety of variations of such tags:



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This video shows a smart way to open the UltraGator tags:



official detacher:





If you have studied all the links above, then I hope you have seen all the key that should help you open this tag without significant damage to it. I am also sure that you yourself have already noticed and understood that the official detachers are VERY large, not practical, not universal and are simply useless trash if you spend the money, since Sensormatic has long ceased to produce this type of tags and they are gradually going out of mass use and are found less and less.


Ultra Gator sensors are original and unique and were produced only by Sensormatic, it follows that these tags could only have AM type sensors, since during their production sensormatic did not produce RFID tags.


Inside the tag, the needle is held by a rectangular metal plate of a special shape with a cutout in the shape of the letter H, where two inner petals fix the needle between themselves. To release the needle, this plate must be bent, and then the 2 edges of the petals diverge and release the needle holding the goods.


The two pliers method is the most effective for this type of tag, simply place the pliers around the two indentations on the tag and bend it in an arc away from the needle.


What else can be said about these sensors? They are vulnerable to small magnets, as I showed in my videos, it is extremely easy with a small magnet to prevent a response from the sensor simply by applying a magnet to the location of the anti-theft tag. And also this tag is very fragile and falls apart in half when twisting.


Let me remind you that our project is that using barbaric methods such as destroying tags is not professional and a direct way to charge other store property even if you did not steal anything.