RF jammer for EAS 8.2MHz type 2019


RF systems 8.2MHz


1,5-2,5 meters




EMS-express FREE


1 year

battery type

18650 Lion built-in 2800mAh

device operating time

90 minutes after fully charged

$550 / €500

"RF jammer for EAS 8.2MHz type 2019"

Compatible with most manufacturers RF gates:
Checkpoint, Nedap, Catalyst, Dialoc ID, MTC, Gateway, Lucatron, Crosspoint, DetexLine & etc.


Comparative tests were conducted with all previously existing jammers. During 3 years of development the quality and capabilities were brought to a maximum.


Information on the distinguishing features of AM and RF systems can be found at this link:
How to identify the type of antitheft system


P.S. -> The more detailed live demonstrations will be uploaded constantly as I’m not on the side of being a phony making fake videos. 
more real-world test demos on YouTube:


cost $550 or €500

EMS-express free delivery 6-10 days

Sold only in a Power Bank camouflage which keeps the possibility to charge another gadgets and hides the Jammer.
The duration of work depends on the amount of on and off turns. The approximate result is 25-30 two minute switchings «on»


The device has VIBRATION
operating mode of the device, the battery level or stable operation of the discharge.

Just operation is also highly dependent on the on-off periods, ask me and get more information. Also operating time depends on the type of case and disguise.


You are sure to get all the necessary instructions about use and the Jammer control system.
The Jammer also has the ability to completely lock the control system to increase your safety in a dangerous situation.


The radius of tight Jamming is calculated for one user (not less than one meter from a jammer) in the case of the most powerful RF systems, but still varies greatly as some systems are suppressed at a radius of 4 meters
Why so?
— the identical from the first sight anti-theft gates could have different output settings that depend on the environment conditions.